Play EuroMillions - Our Service to You

Our Service Guarantee:
If you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will immediately refund the unused portion of your subscription
- no questions asked.

On receipt of your entry we will:

  • Enter your numbers in EuroMillions and send you confirmation of your entry.
  • Double-check your numbers after each draw.
  • Immediately notify you, in confidence, of any winnings.
  • Send you details of the winning numbers for each draws.
  • It is our duty to observe total confidentiality.
  • Payment is made according to your instructions.
  • No-one will know that you have bought a ticket and no-one will know that you have won - except you!

Entry fees include postage, handling and agent charges.

If you have ANY questions about our service, email us now at

We will be happy to answer them."